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Colorful spaces!

Colorful spaces!

Colorful spaces!

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Your white walls are elegant, but a little boring … To make them more lively and colorful, there’s nothing like adding a little color to them.

Minimalist and adaptable, the Akustus’s panels improve the acoustics and the aesthetics of any space they adorn. This product can easily be installed on a variety of surfaces with an adhesive.
By mixing colors, you get a vibrant space that stands out! Anything is possible when we let our imagination run wild!

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 Akustus  18 mm colors

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Inspired by the patterns formed by timber, the Stickwood panel improves the acoustics and the aesthetics and integrates easily in many types of decor.
AKUSTUS panels can be applied in a wide selection of public and private interior spaces including, auditoriums, lecture halls, restaurants, offices, retail stores, hallways, fitness centres, classrooms, home theatres, and more.

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Simple but versatile, the Square panel is efficient and offers a classic pattern that will stand the test of time.
The panel can easily be installed on to a variety of surfaces through the use of adhesive.

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