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How about some wood to add warmth in your life?

How about some wood to add warmth in your life?

How about some wood to add warmth in your life?

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Wood rimes with elegance, warmth and cosiness, it also qualifies as an excellent acoustic finish that is easily blended in any interior space.

Requests for wood finishes are still going strong and we notice a movement towards very natural tones.

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A bit of technical data !

  • Many finishes available; natural wood veneer and melamine finishes.
  • Percentage of perforation between 10.05% and 18.14%.
  • Choice of edges; square, square, tegular, semi-concealed, and concealed.
  • Weight by sq.ft. varies between : 1,71lbs/sq.ft. to 2,9lbs/sq.ft.

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A multitude of creative ideas and a wide range of products can be found at Solutions Acoustiques 2012 to support you and the acoustical challenges encountered in your projects. We have the aesthetic solution to control and decrease sound reverberation in your space.

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