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Solutions Acoustiques 2012 partners up with Nelson AMD

Solutions Acoustiques 2012 partners up with  Nelson AMD

Solutions Acoustiques 2012 partners up with Nelson AMD

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Solutions Acoustiques 2012 partners up with
Nelson AMD

Technology has brought a great deal of change with the new millennium and metal fabrication is no exception. Craftsmanship still lives, only the tools have changed the way we shape metal into the sculpted art forms we see today.

Nelson’s Architectural Metals Division has built its reputation on innovative solutions. With their experienced team of Engineers, Designers and Fabricators who are solely committed to the turn-key supply of metal ceiling, wall or decorative solutions, they join the acoustic world … and it’s a real success!

Jumelé à l’univers acoustique… c’est un véritable succès!

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Transform sheet metal into acoustics

Nelson Architectural Metals Division designs, engineers and fabricates architectural metal products for virtually any commercial or institutional application.

  • Decorative Metal Wall Panels
  • Expanded Metal Ceiling Panels
  • Metal Column Covers and Beam Wraps

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