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Aesthetics + Acoustics

Aesthetics + Acoustics

Aesthetics + Acoustics

BALANCE™ Ceiling Clouds have a clean look and are easy to install. BALANCE™ Ceiling Clouds deliver acoustical control while maintaining the appearance of an open ceiling.

A popular product worldwide, these ceiling clouds are ideal for:

  • Open offices and conference rooms
  • Lobbies and reception areas
  • Museums and retail stores
  • Libraries and places of worship

Completely preassembled, BALANCE™ products are easy to suspend from any ceiling or roof deck. BALANCE clouds are composed of a 15/16″ (24 mm) thick WHITELINE® panel, available in white, black or custom colors, with a lightweight aluminum frame.

Product information

  • Clean look adds dimension
  • Excellent acoustical control
  • Fleece laminated to a Willtec foam panel
  • Lightweight aluminum frame
  • Custom sizes up to 48″ x 120″ (1219 x 3048 mm)
  • 15/16″ (24 mm) thick
  • Additional 3/4″ Willtec backer for increased sound absorbtion
  • Class 1 fire-rated
  • Delivered completely assembled
  • Easy to suspend from any ceiling or roof deck