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Open-area office spaces and acoustic challenges

Open-area office spaces and acoustic challenges

Open-area office spaces and acoustic challenges

Open-area office spaces and acoustic challenges:
When noise turns into a nightmare

Every company as a common goal: profitability. The more the working conditions are optimized, the more the employees are healthy. And the healthier they get, the more efficient they are. Several factors can explain poor financial performance, among which is the employees’ dissatisfaction at work. In addition to social benefits, working conditions and overall atmosphere, physical well-being is significant, if not of paramount importance. An open-area office lay-out can confer some advantages. But the situation can also turn into a nightmare if your office space acoustics is inadequate.

Very trendy, but unwieldy

One day, someone said: ‘’If walls have ears, why not take them down?’’ This is how numerous companies, and more specifically in the digital sector, have reconsidered their working space lay-out. The concept of open-area office spaces was not so bad, as far as it encouraged coworking, increased general creativity and gave an impression of transparency. However, open offices create sound reflection and affect negatively the quality of acoustics. Sound reverberation is amplified and the noises are not absorbed by the environment. Noise pollution can become a real nuisance. Not being able to hear what your colleague is saying can be rather frustrating! The less the words are comprehensible, the more the situation gets irritating.

Climb the walls!

Fortunately, there are solutions to provide working spaces that benefit from technological properties, and which in turn have a positive impact on employees’ productivity and well-being. Have myO acoustic ceilings installed for a better acoustics of your professional working spaces. Whether as squares or as regular panels, they come in a variety of colors and prints, which you can combine as you wish. In addition to their beautiful aspect, the myO ceilings are easily installed, as a ready substitute for the traditional suspended ceiling. Thanks to the improved absorption of sound waves offered by these ceilings, you will benefit from the decrease of such sounds and noise reverberation. When all things have calmed down in your open-area office spaces, your employees will enjoy a better focus and concentration power. Say goodbye to work place irritants and welcome back happiness!

Here come the smart open areas

Have you ever seen the workstations created by Mikomax? They are nothing less than ingenious! These are mobile high-tech and ergonomic working stations and conference rooms that come, at the same time, with an outstanding design! All you need to maximize comfort and optimize you employees’ performance. Are you renovating your office spaces, or do you intend to do it soon? Make sure you do it in a way that will enable you to easily make changes at all times. Needs in terms of working environment are constantly changing, as do the attitudes. Nowadays, work teams grow and adjust organically to the various needs. However, facts remain the same: noise pollution generates irritability among your teams and even leads to serious exhaustion for certain people. Thanks to its space optimization potential, the Mikomax intelligent open spaces will put sparkles in your employees’ eyes, while giving their ears a well-deserved break!